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Russian Armoured Personnel Carrier



ICM, 1/72 scale

S u m m a r y
Catalogue Number and  Description ICM 72901 BTR-60P
Contents and Media: 114 parts on two sprues [upper and lower hulls separate], in white injection moulded plastic, 16 parts [tyres] in black IM plastic, decals for three vehicles and 2 A4 double sided instruction sheets with parts plan, build diagrams and paint/decal drawings but no history.
Scale: 1/72
Price: Unknown at this stage.
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: High parts count, incredible detail and very fine moulding.
Disadvantages: Some fine parts broken in transit
Recommendation: Recommended, especially to Russian armour enthusiasts.

Reviewed by Glen Porter

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Some months ago, I did a review of ICM's BTR-60PB in 1/72 scale, which is very similar to this release except this one doesn't have the turret and has an open roof and therefore more interior detail.

If you go back and look at that review, you will notice that I was very impressed with the level of detail and fineness of the moulding to the point that some of the finer parts had broken in transit. The moulded detail is very crisp and no flash is evident anywhere on these sprues. Things like hand rails and the like are actually moulded to scale, something I've never seen before in any plastic kit. There is no breakages in this kit but I guess that is just a matter of luck. The broken parts in the other kit looked like they wouldn't be hard to repair so I don't think it is a major problem. I cant wait to see how the proposed Triple Two Armoured Cars come out.

The eight tyres are moulded in two halves in black plastic with separate hubs in white. I don't really like the use of Black and white plastic as it makes it much harder to see the detail, however, as everything will be painted, this doesn't matter much.

Decals cover three vehicles although only two are mentioned in the instructions. The third one, I'm not sure of the country of origin, I think may be Greek. However the decals are nicely printed and in register and look very usable.

The bilingual instructions have five very clear build diagrams and the parts plan shows some parts shaded to indicate these are not to be used. Paint/decal drawings shows two Soviet vehicles, one Marines and one Army Motorised infantry Guards both from the late sixties, early seventies.




In summary, I think this will be a very satisfying model to build, although not for the beginner, as those fine parts will require careful handling.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to ICM for the review sample

Images and Text Copyright 2005 by Glen Porter
This Page Created on 26 May, 2005
Last updated 26 May, 2005

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