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Sd.Kfz.232 6 rad
6 Wheel German WWII Armoured Car


Italeri, 1/35

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: Italeri 6445 Sd. Kfz 232 6 Rad
Scale: 1/35
Contents and Media: 161 Dark Grey injection moulded plastic parts, 38 resin parts; photo-etched fret, decals for four vehicles, A5 fold out instructions with history, parts plan, build diagrams and paint/decal drawings.
Price: USD$89.96 available online from Squadron
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Competent overall package, quality resin parts, decals in register, excellent subject matter   
Recommendation: Recommended


Reviewed by Rob Baumgartner

Italeri's 1/35 scale Sd.Kfz.232 is available online from Squadron.com




Italeri recently released the basic Sd.Kfz. 23 kit before, but this incarnation sees some added extras.  

There are 161 plastic pieces contained on four large dark grey sprues. Sink marks on my example were virtually non existent. The miniscule ones that were apparent on the exterior surfaces would easily disappear under a smear of putty and a coat of paint.  

The lack of ejector pin marks in visible areas is also praiseworthy with only one item coming under the microscope. This is the turret faceplate which is the only item on the sprue designed with its outer surface facing the “inside” of the sprue…hence the dimples. 


Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

Befitting a kit with interior detail is the supplied mass of separate hatches. To attach these in the open position will require the hinges to be bent 90 degrees as explained in the instructions. Included are both upper and lower hull doors as well as those for the engine and vision ports. The latter needs some slight surgery and again this is fully explained. 

Some well thought-out running gear is provided and this will satisfy most modellers. The detail is good and will come up nicely with some careful painting. The front wheels are able to be positioned which will add some welcome animation to the model.  

Full length 20mm and 7.92 mm guns are provided for the turret interior which is in keeping with the theme of the boxing. Naturally a lot more can be added here and this is limited only by the builder’s skill level. 

The frame antenna is a one piece affair which makes assembly a cinch. Careful cleaning up is necessary but is a small price to pay. Thankfully its scale appearance is excellent, which is a credit to the manufacturers. 

It must be pointed out that the overall detail is not quite as refined as some other manufacturers in the market place but don’t let this put you off. The basis is sound and provides an excellent platform for any extra work that the builder desires to do. 

To compliment all of the above, Italeri supply the modeller with resin, and a photo etched fret. Added to this is a printed acetate sheet that is used for the dials on the instrument panel. 



There are thirty eight pieces of resin and by far the biggest is the floor area which spans the length of the vehicle. The quality of these items is excellent with no air bubbles or warping present. Quite a few parts are for the driver’s section, and these relate to the pedals, steering wheel, levers and seats. 

A four piece engine assembly fits behind the plastic radiator with the latter being enhanced with a fan and p-e framing. Photo etched parts also provide the instrument panel, to which the supplied film is attached.



Strangely the manufacturers didn’t take the opportunity to add a few more pieces to the fret which would have complimented the existing detail. 

Additional resin items cater for water bottles, interior stowage, and the like. 

Decals come for four vehicles, all in the customary dark grey of the time.

a)      2nd Panzer Division in France 1940

b)      3rd Panzer Division also in France

c)      Unknown unit in Poland 1937

d)      Unknown training unit in Germany 1939. 



The decals were well printed with all items being in perfect register. The carrier film is matt so take extra care to avoid “silvering”.




This is a competent package from Italeri and one that provides an excellent start for those that wish to “super-detail” their interiors.  

Not many kits are released of early war armoured cars so to have a mainstream manufacturer have a go at one of these is to be commended. 


Thanks to Italeri for the review sample.

Review and Images Copyright © 2005 by Rob Baumgartner
Page Created 20 October, 2005
Last updated 19 October, 2005

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