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M3A3 Stuart V
Construction Review

by Steve Palffy


images by Brett Green


S u m m a r y

Stock Number and Description AFV Club AF35053 - U.S. M3A3 Light Tank Stuart (Stuart V)
Media and Contents: Styrene parts; turned metal gun barrel; photo-etched brass; length of string for tow cable.
Scale: 1/35
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Accurate; great detail; excellent running gear and tracks; helpful accessories including photo etch stowage, tow cable and turned metal barrel.
Disadvantages: Some small details very delicate and difficult to handle; interior detail does not match the standard of the exterior
Recommendation: Highly Recommended


Built and Reviewed by Steve Palffy

AFV Club's 1/35 scale M3A3 is available online from Squadron.com




Steve Palffy has built AFV Club's new 1/35 scale M3A3 Stuart V.

Steve comments that the kit is more temperamental to build than the latest Tamiya offerings, but that it is a very nice model indeed.

The highlights include correct suspension and running gear, excellent flexible tracks and plenty of delicate details.



However, if you are a modeller who does not like small parts you will probably want to forget about the grousers and other tiny details, as they are quite tricky to handle and secure to the kit.

Steve said that assembling the grousers for the turret and glacis plate took almost as long as the entire rest of the kit! There were two tiny parts per grouser, but the end result is worthwhile as can be seen in these images. Other fine details included handles, smoke grenade launchers, British pattern antennas, fire extinguisher and tool box. The photo etched fret supplies the rear stowage and tool box.

The .30 cal barrels are very well done, with deeply recessed holes in the cooling sleeves.



The string provided for the towing cable and the turned metal barrel are great finishing touches for this model.

The detail on the interior of the vehicle did not meet the high standard of detail on the outside. Steve closed the hatches as a result. However, the radio is worthy of note as a very authentic looking piece of plastic.

Characteristic prominent weld beads are missing from the turret and the glacis plate. Steve added these from Tamiya two-part epoxy putty.



Steve recommends this model to experienced modellers due to the number of small pieces.




Additional Images


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Model by Steven Palffy
Review Text and ImagesCopyright 2003 by Brett Green
Page Created 01 April, 2003
Last updated 24 August, 2003

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