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.50 Cal & 20mm Shells
1/35 Scale


Mission Models


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number and Description: MM003 - Mission Models .50 Cal Shells with Ammo Belt (Full)
MM004 - Mission Models .50 Cal Shells with Ammo Belt (Spent)
MM003 - Mission Models .20mm German Shells
Contents and Media: 25 machined brass shells; photo-etched brass ammo belt (.50 cal sets only)
Price: each USD$16.00  plus local tax and shipping from Mission Models
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Amazing microscopic detail on tiny parts; perfectly formed; impressive accessory for figures, vignettes, vehicles or dioramas; individual shells are ready to use.
Disadvantages: Delicate and potentially fiddly assembly if shells are to be attached to ammo belts
Recommendation: Highly Recommended


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"Honey I Shrunk the Ammo"

This is what Mission Models should be saying about their three new sets of 1/35 scale ammunition for small calibre weapons. The three sets on offer are:

  • .50 cal full shells with ammo belt;

  • .50 cal spent shells with ammo belt and

  • 20mm German shells.



25 perfectly machined brass shells are included with each set. These shells are nothing short of remarkable. Although each shell is only a few millimetres long, detail is truly stunning. Being machined from solid brass, the shells are ready to use as loose items, straight from the bag. The spent shells are hollowed out at the ends.

A workable, photo-etched ammo belt is supplied with the .50 cal sets. If the modeller decides to use these photo-etched parts, the individual shells must be folded into each position of the ammo belt. The results will undoubtedly be amazing, but this task will require an eagle eye, a rock-steady hand, and the patience of Job.


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It is great to see a genuinely new and impressive product for armour and figure modellers. Mission Models' shells will look great on your vignette, vehicle or diorama, whether used as loose items or together on their photo-etched belts.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Jon Tamkin from Mission Models  the preview image and information

Mission Models shells are available from Mission Models Website

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