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Soviet Light Tank T-26
with cylindrical turret


UM, 1/72 scale

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: UM No 361 T-26
Scale: 1/72
Contents and Media: 116 cleanly moulded dark green plastic parts on three sprues, 2 rubber band endless tracks, 21 PE parts on two frets, decals for at least one vehicle (see main text) and 2 double sided A4 sized instruction sheets with history, parts plan build diagrams and paint/decal drawings.
Price: USD$7.98 online from Squadron
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Important subject, heaps of detail and well moulded
Disadvantages: Rubber band tracks only, PE on turret looks difficult.
Recommendation: Recommended with reservations

Reviewed by
Glen Porter

UM's 1/72 scale T-26 is available online from Squadron.com



As I have already reviewed several Mirage 1/72 scale T-26s, itís hard to examine this UM kit without comparing it to them.

The Mirage offerings are highly detailed but many of the parts were very small and fiddly and they have those rubber band tracks. However, the Mirage T-26 kits can be built without using the PE, which to my mind is an advantage. You are correct, I donít care much for PE. This UM kit, on the other hand, is perhaps a little less comprehensive than Mirage's, but is still well detailed. However, the PE will have to be used especially on the turret as it forms the entire side surface. It looks to me like it might be hard to get it to sit down properly without rolling, as the whole side of the turret is a cylinder.

Like the Mirage kit, a lot of the parts are also very small and fiddly and fingers shaped like tweezers would come in handy.

The tracks are of the rubber band type but are endless and, I must say, I think this is a backward step for UM who usually do link and length tracks. They are, however nicely detailed and I guess the proof will be in the building.

There are two colour schemes in this kit; one, on the back of the box, I assume in Russian use, is in their dark green and has no markings at all, and the other, in the instructions, in Finnish colours, has only three markings. However, on the decal sheet there are a host of markings [numbers, straight lines in various colours, dotted lines also in various colours and a red/white/red colour patch], none of which are in the instructions. I know it is the correct decal sheet because it has the kit number on it.

If you are into PE and can handle the tracks then this will definitely build into a nice little model. In my opinion though, itís not up to the standard of the other recent UM kits.

Recommended, but with reservations.

Thanks to Squadron for the review sample.

Review and Images Copyright © 2005 by Glen Porter
Page Created 04 March, 2005
Last updated 04 March, 2005

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