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Mushroom Model Magazine Special

315 Squadron


Wojtek Matusiak, Robert Gretzynier
& Piotr Wisniewski


S u m m a r y

Publisher and Catalogue Details: Blue Series No 7105
ISBN: 83-89450-00-3
Media and Contents: Soft cover; B5 format; 136 pages plus covers, 24 color profiles.
Price: USD$17.96 from Squadron.com
Review Type: FirstRead
Advantages: Extensive collection of photographs focusing on one squadron.
Recommendation: Recommended


Reviewed by Steven "Modeldad" Eisenman

Mushroom's "315 Squadron" Book is available online from Squadron.com 



This volume is the latest in Mushroom Model Magazine’s Blue Series which focuses on specific pilots and squadrons. This monograph focuses on the RAF’s Number 315 (Polish) Squadron. The Squadron’s code of PK and its emblem of a fighting game cock in a triangle are almost instantly recognizable to anyone interested in the RAF and the Polish Air Force.

315 Squadron was the tenth Polish squadron formed in Britain and the fifth Polish day fighter squadron. It was also the squadron with which a young pilot named Francis Gabreski received combat experience before joining a USAAF unit. He flew eleven sorties with the Squadron during January and February 1943.

The book recounts the history and experiences of the 315 Squadron. But, for all practical purposes, the prose is not much more than a brief introduction to the extensive collection of pictures that cover each period of the Squadron’s existence. As was the case with the Eagle Squadron, it seems that newly formed squadrons of non-British flyers, like the 315 squadron, inherited run down Hurricanes. But, it was not long before they moved up to Spitfires and then onto Mustang IIIs. This monograph is full of great pictures of the Hurricanes, Spitfires and Mustangs that wore the PK code letters and the pilots who flew them. The monograph concludes with the post war experience of the 315 Squadron, including a couple of picture of natural metal Mustang IIIs in the Squadron’s marking.

For those who love the specific of the 315 Squadron, the appendices are excellent. There is a list of commanding officers, those killed in action, the names of the Squadron’s pilots, losses, victories and a listing of the aircraft and the serial numbers and the codes that were applied.

My only criticism is that I would have liked to have had a preface that gave an overview of the Polish Air Force and its integration into the RAF. As this is the first volume that deals with the PAF squadrons in the RAF, an overview would have been helpful to put the 315 Squadron in historical and organizational context.

But that one shortcoming does not diminish the overall impact of this book. I know that the Polish modeling community is growing, and I am sure this monograph will be welcome not only by them, but also by aviation history enthusiasts and modelers in general.


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Thanks to Roger at Mushroom Model Magazine  for the sample.

Review Copyright © 2004 by Steven Eisenman
Page Created 24 August, 2004
Last updated 25 August, 2004

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