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Uncovering the Rockwell

B-1B Lancer


by Willy Peeters


Daco Publications


S u m m a r y

Publication Details: uncovering the ROCKWELL B-1B Lancer
ISBN: 908067477X
Media: Soft cover, 84 pages
Price: 19.75 Euros from Daco’s Website
Review Type: First Read
Advantages: Complete one stop shop reference on the B-1B for a modeller.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended 

Reviewed by
Ken Bowes

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Hot on the heels of Osprey’s B-1B Lancer Units in Combat comes the latest Daco publication in their excellent “uncovering” series. This volume is the second by Willy Peeters and covers in fantastic detail the B-1B Lancer. For those who have other Daco “uncovering” volumes such as the F-16 and F/A-18 volumes there should be no surprises what you will get here. 

In 84 full colour glossy pages the reader is taken on a complete tour of the B-1B airframe from nose to tail and into the cockpit and weapons bay. Laid out in logical sequence the level of coverage of a very sensitive aircraft type is almost unprecedented. I know that we could never take our cameras into the cockpit of the B-1s operating with my old unit out of Amberley, yet here are some close-up shots of the flight station in all its glory. The action shot of  a B-1 about to plug with a KC-10 taken from the co-pilots perspective has to be seen to be believed. 

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

In addition to the airframe details, Peeters also provides extensive photographic coverage of the B-1’s warloads, including JDAMS, Mk82 and Mk84 Ballute and slick and also some bomb bay coverage with AGM-69 SRAMs and Mk61 shapes in situ. In fact if you are crazy enough to put a full war load into the bays of a Revell 1/48 B-1, then you need this as your primary reference.  As final bonus a two page walk-around of the MHU-916M Munitions Handling Trailer is also include in case you want to go one step further and create a weapons loading diorama.  

Overall it is very hard to fault these comprehensive reference books from Daco. The photographs are large and clearly printed, accompanied by pertinent captions. If you are thinking of tackling a 1/48 or 1/72 Bone then clearly this volume should be your first port of call for reference. 

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Willy Peeters and Daco for the review sample.

Review Copyright © 2006 by Ken Bowes
This Page Created on 20 April, 2006
Last updated 20 April, 2006

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