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Red Star
Volume 28


Berievís Jet Flying Boats


S u m m a r y

Catalog Number: Midland Counties Publications Red Star Series No 28 Berievís Jet Flying Boats
ISBN: 1857802365
Media: Soft cover; 127 pages
Price: GBP£19.99 from Ian Allan Publishing
Review Type: First Read
Advantages: An examination of Russiaís modern amphibious jets.
Recommendation: Recommended  for fans of the more exotic Russian aviation types


Reviewed by Ken Bowes

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Red Star Series Number 28 is a neat introduction to some of the more obtuse Russian designs to come from the Beriev Design Bureau. Berievís Jet Flying Boats systemically covers each of the jet designs that emerged from the experimental R-1 of the late 1940s to the civilian designs now emerging from a newly revived company in the 21st Century.  

As with all the Red Star series this volume covers initial concept, development of the various types, in-service history (both military and civil) and exports. Unsurprising for a book authored by Yefim Gordon among others, this book is a comprehensive examination of the subject matter. This title will not be to the taste of all, and the applicability as a modelling reference is limited to non-existent at this time, but with the prodigious output of Eastern European companies it may yet come to pass that a scale model of a Beriev jet flying boat may hit the market.  

In the meantime expand your knowledge into some of the lessor known corners of Soviet/Russian aviation history. 


Thanks to Simon of DLS Australia for the review sample

The Red Star series may be purchased from www.midlandcountiessuperstore.com

Review Copyright © 2006 by Ken Bowes
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