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F4F Wildcat

DVD Documentary



Aircraft Films


S u m m a r y

Title, Description & Publisher F4F Wildcat. Produced by Aircraft Films
Media and Contents: 2 disc DVD set
Price: USD$29.99 from Aircraft Films' website
Review Type: FirstRead
Advantages: High quality documentary content and production; colour footage included; helpful and interesting narration; logical structure; useful images and other video material on Disc 2.
Disadvantages: Does not cover British Wildcat (Martlett) operations
Recommendation: Recommended

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Reviewed by Brett Green




Despite the increasing penetration of DVDs into PCs and lounge rooms across the world, we have still seen relatively little use of this media as a platform for reference material in our hobby.

Aircraft Films is a new production company that has decided to address this opportunity.

This two-DVD set includes a new, 43-minute documentary outlining the history of the F4F Wildcat, and also includes a second disc with additional archival footage of instructional films and observation of operations, landings and handling on specific carriers plus stills from the documentary. The still images are presented as a slide show by default - a nice touch if browsing. A walkaround video of the F4F at the National Museum of Naval Aviation tops off this reference feast.

The total running time of the documentary, additional wartime footage and the image "slide shows" is approximately 3 hours.

The 43-minute documentary is certainly the jewel in the crown. It has been well written and production values are high. The narrative covers the general wartime circumstances in addition to a detailed description of US Wildcat operations variants and personalities; but British activity is not described.

Another pleasant surprise was the excellent colour film interspersed along the way. The quality of the black and white, and colour, film in the documentary is very good considering its wartime origins.

The material on Disc 2 is a nice bonus. Navigation through the large amount of reference images and film is provided via a menu. As far as I could tell, the still images are all taken from the documentary; and the additional films are of unedited wartime origin. The obvious exception if the Wildcat walkaround.





Aircraft Films' debut production is an impressive visual reference source for aviation buffs and modellers alike. If you have a computer on your modelling desk, you'll even have access to these images while you are working on your models!



Visit Aircraft Films on the web at http://www.aircraftfilms.com
or call toll free (in the U.S.) 866-383-3006

Review Text Copyright 2003 by Brett Green
This Page Created on 01 December, 2003
Last updated 01 December, 2003

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