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Graf & Grislawski

A Pair of Aces


Christer Bergstrom

with Vlad Antipov
& Claes Sundin

Eagle Editions



S u m m a r y

ISBN: 0-9721060-4-9
Media and Contents: Hard cover; 312 pages plus covers; high quality glossy presentation in portrait 8.5 x11 format; 25 colour profiles; 7 colour photographs; two colour reproduction of portraits; map, documents and victory list; abundant historical photos.
Price: Standard Edition USD$54.95 from Eagle Editions Website
Special Autographed Limited Edition USD$115.00 from Eagle Editions Website
Review Type: FirstRead
Advantages: In-depth examination of two of the Luftwaffe's most important personnel; well researched; good narrative and analysis; more than 300 black and white photos of people and aircraft; 24 attractive colour profiles by Claes Sundin.
Recommendation: Recommended 

Reviewed by Brett Green
Declaration of Interest - The reviewer is a published author of Eagle Editions




At more than 300 pages, "Graf & Grislawski - a Pair of Aces"  is a weighty and very impressive tome.

The quality of the content and presentation is consistent with the excellent earlier major works of Eagle Editions, and of the author Christer Bergstrom and his artistis collaborator Claes Sundin.

Hermann Graff and Alfred Grislawski both had humble origins, but worked their way through the ranks of the Luftwaffe, ending the war with the respect of their comrades and impressive records. Graf's final tally was 212 victories, with 132 for Grislawski. Their legacy was not solely victories over enemy aircraft however, as these friends were supportive of, and made sacrifices for, their fellow officers and men.

The author briefly covers the birth and flying education of both men, before the bulk of the book which focuses on their wartime records. Several controversial stories are tackled, including rumours of co-operation in Soviet captivity, are covered in the text.

The active co-operation of Alfred Grislawski in the preparation of this book contributes much valuable first-person perspective of the event from the wartime Luftwaffe.

The book is generously illustrated with more than 300 black and white photos. Claes Sundin also teams up with the author again, presenting 25 very attractive colour profiles of Bf 109s and Fw 190s - almost a book's worth of illustrations here alone! Seven more recent photos are presented in full colour, as are portraits of both the pilots inside the back cover of the book. A map of Europe during the Second World War is supplied across the facing pages inside the front cover.

"Graf & Grislawski - a Pair of Aces" is an attractively packaged production of these two famous Luftwaffe pilots. Much of the detailed history will be appearing for the first time, so the book will be considered essential to Luftwaffe buffs; while the 300+ photos and 25 profiles makes this volume a valuable source of reference and inspiration to modellers.


Thanks to Eagle Editions for the review sample.

Augsburg's Last Eagles is available direct from Eagle Editions website or specialist bookstores



Review Copyright 2003 by Brett Green
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