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Luftwaffe Colours Vol. 3 Section 3


War Over the Desert

North Africa
June 1940 -June 1942

by J. Richard Smith & Martin Pegg


Classic Publications



S u m m a r y

ISBN: 0-903223-22-9
Media: Soft cardboard cover; 302mm x 226mm in portrait format; 96 pages plus covers; more than 200 photographs; 26 colour illustrations; maps, appendices
Price: USD$22.47 from Squadron.com
Review Type: First Read
Advantages: Wide range of colours and markings in this unique theatre; excellent profiles; interesting text; many relevant captioned wartime photos; includes coverage of Jagdwaffe activity over Malta.
Recommendation: Recommended for Luftwaffe modellers


Reviewed by Brett Green

Jagdwaffe Volume 3, Section 3 is available online from Squadron.com




The Classic Colours Jagdwaffe project is an ambitious series of books written by an ensemble cast of some of the best respected Luftwaffe experts from around the world. The focus of the series is the camouflage and markings of Luftwaffe fighter aircraft from the first tentative challenge to the Treaty of Versailles to the end of the Third Reich.

"Jagdwaffe - War Over the Desert" describes the fighter force's operations over the desert and in the Mediterranean theatre from 1940 to 1942.

The camouflage and markings during this period transitioned from European greys and greens, to hastily improvised desert camouflage using Italian paints, to the use of new official RLM colours from summer 1941.

Operational issues regarding the desert war, in addition to a discussion of Malta, is included in this volume.

More than 200 wartime photos, including ten colour photos, are usefully captioned and highly relevant to the subject matter.

26 colour profiles highlight the variety of the schemes. These are reproduced at page width and will provide plenty of inspiration for modellers. Several colour scrap drawings and a map are also included.





"Jagdwaffe - War Over the Desert"  is a concise and attractive package for a fairly broad subject area.

This is another worthwhile instalment in Classic Publications Jagdwaffe series.


Thanks to Karin of Specialty Press for the review sample

Review Copyright 2003 by Brett Green
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Last updated 30 October, 2003

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