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Projekt Natter
Last of the Wonder Weapons

by Brett Gooden


Classic Publications


S u m m a r y

ISBN: 1-903223-62-8
Media: Hardback with colour dust jacket; 303mm x 226mm in portrait format; 144 pages; approx. 170 photographs; line drawings; tables
Price: 24.95 plus shipping, online from Ian Allen Publishing
Review Type: First Read
Advantages: The definitive work to date on the Bachem Natter; excellent coverage of Natter concept, development, testing and operation; readable and interesting text; high quality artwork; attractive layout.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Brett Green

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Classic Publications has established an enviable reputation as the creator of authoritative reference books on Luftwaffe subjects. The latest in the premier Air War Classics series is "Projekt Natter - Last of the Wonder Weapons", by Brett Gooden.

You might not need to be a rocket scientist to read this book, but it is certainly helpful if you are writing it. The author has been active in the field of human rocket flight since the early 1960s and is a prominent researcher into the physiological effects of aerospace and diving, so he is extensively qualified to tackle this subject matter.

"Projekt Natter" is presented in a hard cover behind the familiar Classic Publications grey dust jacket.

The Bachem Natter was a desperate response to relentless bombing of German cities and industry. The concept was to place a vertical take-off rocket powered interceptor at strategic industrial sites as an immediate defensive measure - something like a cross between a heavy flak gun and a fighter aircraft.

The operational machines were fitted with an auto-pilot to guide the aircraft to attack altitude, at which stage the pilot would take over for his brief attack before plotting a ramming course, jettisoning the rocket unit and gracefully returning to earth by parachute. Any volunteers?

This book covers the the concept, design, testing, operation, medical aspects and post-war implications of this radical and dangerous (more so to the pilot than the intended target) machine.

The layout of the book is punctuated with 170 photos, technical drawings, maps and tables, ensuring that the reading is never laborious. The colour artworks by Gino Marcomini are very attractive too.

The author's text is logically laid out, comprehensive and informative, while remaining admirably readable considering the highly technical nature of much of the subject matter. 





Little has been published to date on the Bachem Natter. Brett Gooden's work is undoubtedly now the definitive work on the subject, and will be fascinating to Luftwaffe aficionados and aerospace enthusiasts alike.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Simon from DLS and  Ian Allen Publishing for the review sample

Review Copyright 2006 by Brett Green
This Page Created on 06 June, 2006
Last updated 27 June, 2006

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