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Westland Welkin




4+ Publications


S u m m a r y

ISBN: 80-86637-00-X
Media: Soft Cover; 28 pages
Price: Approx. GBP9.95 from retailers worldwide including Hannants
Review Type: First Read
Advantages: Well researched subject, detailed plans and sketches, excellent photographs, includes colour artwork.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Rob Baumgartner

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There are some subjects where one never seems to be able to find enough information to satisfy ones curiosity. Such an aircraft is the Westland Welkin and the latest publication by 4+ addresses this issue.

This aircraft came into being to counter the high altitude reconnaissance flights that the Luftwaffe was conducting over the British Isles.

There were many problems that plagued the development life of the Welkin and by the time they were ironed out, the high altitude threat was no longer there. Furthermore what threats there were could now be handled by other modified aircraft.

To salvage the work that had already been invested in the project, other roles were being sort for the airframe. Unfortunately, these ideas also failed to materialize and the design was cancelled. As well as the two prototypes, seventy five Mk I aircraft were built with another being converted as the Mk II.

This 28 page soft cover book covers both the F Mk I (single seat high altitude fighter) and NF Mk II (two seat night fighter).

The contents are printed on good quality gloss stock and contain 76 black and white photographs plus a colour spread that adorns the center pages. All images are superbly printed and provide excellent coverage of the airframe.

Not only are there the usual collection of static and flying shots, but the reader is privy to many interior images of both the prototype and mockup aircraft. Cockpits are not forgotten and both the fighter and night-fighter variants are represented.

Captioning throughout the book is excellent. The information compliments the images well and adds much to the readers understanding of the picture.

There is some lovely artwork with no fewer than seven airframes portrayed. Theres no shortage of schemes for modelers here.

This is one huge aircraft and the point is driven home by the fold out general arrangement drawings. These are produced to 1/72 scale and naturally cover both the F Mk I and NF Mk II. Cross sections are shown for various parts of the airframe and this includes the engine nacelles.

Sketches from factory manuals can be very revealing and these helpful drawings are reproduced at the appropriate points in the book.

The text is easy to read and covers the history of the type as well as giving a detailed technical description. A comprehensive section on colours and markings follow which talks about everything from the interiors and exteriors, to the roundels and stencilling.





This is certainly the book to get for anything you ever wanted to know bout the Westland Welkin. A lot has been packed into this modest sized book and the level of research is exemplary.

Highly Recommended

Thanks to 4+ Publications for the review sample.

Review Copyright 2005 by Rob Baumgartner
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Last updated 15 August, 2005

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