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Gregory "Pappy" Boyington


1/32 Scale


Pegaso Models



S u m m a r y

Stock Number, Media/Contents, Description and Price Pegaso 54-158 - Gregory "Pappy" Boyington.
Six parts in pale yellow resin.
Price in the UK £15.20
Scale: 1/32 (54mm)
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: High quality casting; good representation of Boyington; versatile usage on its own or with 1/32 scale US Navy aircraft; good guide for painting; historical background included.
Disadvantages: Some deep creases may need filling.
Recommendation: Recommended

Reviewed by Pete Wenman

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F i r s t L o o k


Pegaso Models from Italy are well known for their white metal figures, but they have recently moved into the production of resin figures, and Mike Good has mastered several of the figures in a range of flying aces. These include Hans Joachim Marseille, but the one that caught my eye was that of the Marine aviator Gregory “Pappy” Boyington. I have to admit that when purchasing the figure I knew nothing about the man, and my desire to purchase the figure was simply based on the simple straight up and down pose, and the attractive (to my eyes anyway) and simple colours of the figure. A painters figure.

The box provides a full colour photo of the front of the figure plus the smaller inset which provides a detail of the rear of the figure. Inside the box is a small sheet that provides a short biography of Boyinton and basic painting instructions.


The figure itself comprises of 6 finely cast resin pieces: base, full body, left and right arms, sidearm and the chinstrap for the flying helmet.

A quick search on the web found a photo of Boyington which I suspect that Mike Good had to hand when sculpting the face, and I have to say that given the scale the likeness is pretty good. (The whole head is only 8mm high).

Regardless of the likeness the head and flying helmet are very well sculpted and makes the most of modern resin moulding techniques with sharp edges and undercuts.


This figure is a large 54mm (1/32), measuring 60mm from soles of his feet to the top of the flying helmet. However as my test fitting shows it is nicely in proportion.

The figure has a fair amount of very thin resin flash , but this can easily be removed. A more major problem is a fairly large seam on the left hand side running most of the length of the figure. A sharp scalpel blade will sort this and the resin is very easy to work with a blade. My only other issue with the figure is that it has some deeply sculpted creases under the figure's buttocks, which makes the anatomy of that part of the figure look a little suspect, but again a little filler ( and maybe reworking of the buttocks ! ) will sort this.

Despite the above issues this is a very nicely worked figure, of a subject not often covered and will appeal to both aircraft and figure modellers alike. He will look terrific next to a 1/32 Corsair, or any other US Navy/Marine aircraft of the period if you chose to treat the figure as generic, rather than that of Boyington, and the more ambitious modeller can probable alter the face ( I would suggest by thinning the cheeks a little) without to much trouble.

All in all I recommend this figure, and the limited palette of colours, simple pose, and well-sculpted figure, together with the pilot theme make this a natural start point for any aircraft modeller who is considering a flirtation with the dark arts of figure painting.


Review figure courtesy of my wallet.


Review Copyright © 2003 by Pete Wenman
Page Created 22 October, 2003
Last updated 22 October, 2003

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