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Soviet Tank Riders
Two sets, 1/35 scale



S u m m a r y
Catalogue Number, Description and Price: 35561 - Russian Tank Riders #1
35562 - Russian Tank Riders #2
Both available online from VLS website
Scale: 1/35
Contents and Media: See body text
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Crisp detail; simple parts breakdown and construction; realistic and interesting poses; good packaging; excellent timing for the large number of Soviet WWII tanks available.
Recommendation: Recommended

Reviewed by Brett Green

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Warriors has two new releases that will appeal to modellers of 1/35 scale Soviet armour kits. They are Soviet WWII tank riders.

Set 35561 is the first offering, with three riders in active poses. The three figures are made up from a total of 12 resin parts. Warriors has packed each figure of four parts into separate bags to avoid any confusion during construction - very thoughtful.

35562 - Russian Tank Riders #2, comprises two more figures that could be used on the same vehicle. This set comprises 12 parts in cream coloured resin.

Casting quality is excellent in both sets, and it is nice to see some clever planning touches. These include weapons that are cast onto one arm, making positioning and assembly without unnatural gaps a fairly straightforward matter. The arms are cast with locating pins too, for a positive join.

With the large number of late WWII Soviet vehicles on the market today, these will be very useful sets to dress up your model either as individual sets or both together.

This is another very nice set of releases from Warriors.

All Recommended.

Thanks to VLS for the review samples

These and other VLS products may be viewed at the VLS Website

Text and Images Copyright 2005 by Brett Green
Page Created 30 May, 2005
Last updated 29 May, 2005

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