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Apollo Astronauts

New Ware, 1/32 scale

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New Ware has sent the accompanying images and text to announce their new 1/32 scale Astronaut figures:

"In March, New Ware released its new 1/32 scale astronauts for the Monogram Apollo capsule. The New Ware figures are designed to fit on the couches in the command module.

The Monogram Command and Service Module is the largest kit by a major manufacturer of the Apollo capsule. Originally released in 1970, it is among the most popular space kits ever issued.

The New Ware astronauts are the perfect compliment to the New Ware photo etched detail set for the Command Module.

Duplicating the clear helmets for the Apollo astronauts has been one of the most elusive features for space modelers. After many attempts, New Ware has been able to capture these helmets by vacuum forming an accurate master. The astronauts are shown with their “Snoppy” communication caps.

The Apollo astronauts are sold in groups of three different poses with separate heads. The figures were sculpted by Ignacio Bernacer Alpera, who has sculpted several other figures for New Ware and is a prominent sculptor of figures.

The figures cost USD$30 for a full set of three. They come complete with the mission patches and name tags for the crews of Apollo 8, 11 and 17. The figures with their clear plastic helmets depict the crew at the time of their launch aboard the mighty Saturn V.

A photo of the unpainted astronauts is shown below, which includes the vacuum formed helmet.


New Ware is manufacturers a line of photoetched and resin accessories for the most popular space models by injection molded manufacturers, as well as accessories for aerospace related models.

The Apollo Astronauts are available directly through New Ware on its web site at http://mek.kosmo.cz/newware/ . The figures also are available through its American distributor, Victory Models, located near Atlanta, Georgia whose web site is http://www.victorymodels.com ".

Thanks to New Ware for the information and images.

Text and Images Copyright © 2005 by New Ware
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Last updated 30 March, 2005

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