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Type VIIC U-Boat Decals

Parts II & III



ULAD Decal 1/72 Scale


S u m m a r y
Catalogue Number and  Description UL7202 and UL7203 - German U-Boat Type VIIC - Parts II & III
Contents and Media: each set contains one130 x 65 mm decal sheet; instructions; background about the fate of each boat and commander (two folded A4 sheets)
Scale: 1/72
Price: 10 Euro (incl. freight costs and packaging); or USD$7.96 online from Squadron.com
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Great variety of markings and schemes for Revell's fabulous U-Boat; good instructions; thin decals printed in perfect register
Recommendation: Recommended


Reviewed by Brett Green

ULAD's 1/72 scale Type VIIC U-Boat Decals are available online from Squadron



Revell's 1/72 scale TypeVIIC U-Boat is one of the most spectacular kit releases in recent years.

New decal company ULAD has followed up its initial decal release with two more sheets of decals for this amazing model.

Part II includes individual markings for the following 20 boats in a total of 21 versions wearing a range of different camouflage schemes comprising different shades of grey with a variety of demarcation lines and patterns. The specific boats covered are:

U-71, U-72 (two styles), U-81, U-92, U-97, U-134, U-205, U-209, U-221, U-223, U-225, U-228, U-231, U-238, U-338, U-404, U-458, U-564, U-593 and U-601.



Part III features a greater variety of camouflage patterns, and covers the following 16 boats:

U-94, U-332, U-333, U-334, U-407, U-571, U-751, U-757, U-453, U-556, U-453, U-565, U-592, U-596, U-617, U-755.


There are some great, colourful emblems on both decal sheets including Sea Serpents, cats, cartoon characters, swordfish, bears, lions, eagles, sea horses, heraldic emblems and much more.

The decals are perfectly printed, thin and in register. The small instruction sheets include diagrams and a brief summary of the record of each boat.



Colour callouts are made via a reference list which quotes RAL numbers plus paint matches for Humbrol and Revell. This list also allocates a greyscale colour key. Both these sheets now have a letter-code to match the correct camouflage colour to the model paint. This is much clearer than the colour callouts on the first decal release.





These decal sheets from ULAD will add even more appeal to Revell's fabulous new 1/72 scale Type VIIC U-Boat.

The colourful emblems and alternate camouflage patterns will add an individual touch to your big submarine.


Thanks to Ulrich Leverenz from ULAD Decals for the review samples

ULAD Decals may be ordered by contacting Leverenz-Berlin@t-online.de or via mail order hobby outlets

Images and Text Copyright 2004 by Brett Green
This Page Created on 20 July, 2004
Last updated 19 July, 2004

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