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Micro Chisel


Mission Models


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number and Description: Mission Models MM09 - 2mm Micro Chisel
Contents and Media: One chisel body and one flat bit, approx. 133mm long.
Price: USD$12.00 each plus local tax and shipping from Mission Models
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Quality construction; simple but useful concept for modellers; will get into otherwise difficult to reach places; no assembly required; solidly packed.
Recommendation: Recommended


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Mission Models continue their commitment to designing new tools for modellers with the release of their 2mm Micro Chisel.

The concept is simple - a 2 mm interchangeable chisel bit connected to a solid stainless steel handle, encased in a contoured rubber finger grip. The result is a very high quality, durable and useful tool for modellers. The Micro Chisel is supplied with a safety cap covering the razor-sharp tip, and packaged inside a clear plastic tube.

This chisel will be perfect to get into nooks and crannies that need reshaping or cleaning up. I cannot think of another tool that is better designed for the job. It is certainly more appropriate, more effective and less likely to remove fingertips than a brittle scalpel blade.



I have already used the tool for a modelling task that would have otherwise been very difficult to address.

I needed to remove a narrow wedge of solid plastic from the join between the wing root and engine cowl on a Messerschmitt Bf 109 model without obscuring surrounding detail. Before the arrival of the Micro Chisel, I would have probably used a rat-tail file or rolled-up sandpaper, but these techniques would be tedious and imprecise, and would probably have eliminated nearby surface features.

The tool feels very solid in the hand, and the grip is positive. I simply guided the tip forward, grazing the plastic that needed to be removed. Very little effort was required to achieve a fast, clean, precise result.



This tool will be helpful for reshaping and sculpting many different materials, including plastic, resin and wood.

It will also be ideal for removing mould seams and join lines.





Mission Models has delivered yet another excellent tool specifically for scale modellers. The Micro Chisel exudes quality, and this precision tool will have many useful applications for modelling projects. Replacement tips are available, and I hope that we will see different shaped chisel bits in the future too (eg curved, angled etc).


Thanks to Jon Tamkin from Mission Models  the preview image and information

Micro Chisel is available from Mission Models Website

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Last updated 28 September, 2005

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