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Carro Veloce 33 Light Tank

Construction Preview


DOC Models, 1/72 scale

S u m m a r y

Stock Number and Description DOC Models 72001 - Carro Veloce CV 33 (L3/33)
Media and Contents: 34 parts in dark green injection moulded styrene; two lengths of flexible tracks; markings for three vehicles
Price: USD$12.96 from Squadron.com
Scale: 1/35
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Excellent quality moulding; fine, crisp detail; sensible engineering (eg single-part running gear, positionable hatches); well detailed flexible tracks; nice decals
Disadvantages: Drive sprockets missing teeth and some bolt detail
Recommendation: Highly Recommended

built by Steve Palffy
images & text by Brett Green

DOC Models' 1/72 scale CV 33 is available online from Squadron.com




DOC Models is a new Italian model company whose premiere armoured vehicle release is a 1/72 scale Carro Veloce 33 (L3/33) light tank.



This is a very impressive (and tiny) offering.

DOC Models' 1/72 scale CV 33 comprises 34 parts in a dark green coloured plastic, two lengths of flexible track and decals for three different vehicles. The colour of the plastic is reminiscent of Airfix armour kits of the 1960s, but any resemblance ends there! The moulding of the plastic parts is to the highest standard. Detail is crisp, even on a small vehicle in this small scale.

Engineering is thoughtful. The running gear on each side is moulded as one piece - suspension and four roadwheels apiece. The only limitation of this method is the lack of detail on the reverse side of the parts, but this is hardly a problem on a model of this size (for that matter, the company logo is prominently embossed onto the bottom of the hull). Also, the drive sprocket is a simple disk, missing the bolt detail and teeth featured on the box art and the instructions.

Hatches are supplied separately and may be positioned open or closed. Tools are separate and finely detailed.



Fortunately, the sprue attachment points are appropriately slim, permitting the tiny parts to be removed with minimal risk of damage.

Although it is bucking the current trend, the inclusion of flexible track lengths is probably the most practical option for this model. Assembling individual links of this size would be a recipe for insanity! Besides, the flexible tracks are well detailed on the face and the edges - very impressive for this medium.



The box and the instructions maintain this extremely high standard. The artwork on the front and rear of the box is genuinely inspiring, while the illustrations in the four-page instruction sheet are clear and helpful.

Steve Palffy has finished basic construction of this vehicle already..

Steve comments that cleanup and construction proceeded incredibly fast. The model was assembled in less than 90 minutes! Fit and alignment was good - no filler was required on the model.



A full construction and painting Feature will appear on HyperScale in the coming weeks.





DOC Models' 1/72 scale Carro Veloce CV 33 is a very impressive debut from this new Italian company. The model combines a high level of detail with sensible engineering and good fit.

What more could a modeller ask for?

Well, how about a CV 33 in 1/35 scale too!

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Squadron for the review sample

Model by Steven Palffy
Review Text and Images Copyright 2004 by Brett Green
Page Created 23 July, 2004
Last updated 22 July, 2004

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