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Large and Small versions


Mission Models


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number and Description: Mission Models Multi-Tool
MM-07 - Small
MM-08 - Large
Contents and Media: Each is one alloy tool, approx. 183 mm long
Price: USD$30.00 each plus local tax and shipping from Mission Models
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Quality construction; simple but useful concept; marked in increments of inches and millimetres; appropriate tool to work with either flat or three dimensional materials; no assembly required; solidly packed.
Recommendation: Recommended


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Mission Models continue their commitment to designing new tools for modellers.

Mission Models' Grabhandler (reviewed earlier on HyperScale) was recently introduced to create square-edged handrails, guard rails, tie-downs and grab handles.

This has now been joined by the Multi-Tool, a simple device to create round, curved and conical shapes in photo-etch. The Multi-Tool will also be ideal for bending soft metal to precise curves for rounded tie-downs and handles. It will be a simple matter to quickly bend many identical shapes with this useful new tool.

The Multi-Tool comes in two sizes - large and small. There is not a great deal of difference in size. The small tool ranges in diameter from 1.2mm to 9.53mm; while the large tool starts at 1.6 mm and goes up to 12.7mm. Both tools are approximately 183mm long.

The tools are marked in increments using both thousandths of an inch and millimetres. Furthermore, the conical head of the tool is calibrated with lines, although the diameters are not noted.



Another nice touch is the curved end of the conical head, which could be used for rubbing down dry transfers.

There are no moving parts on the Multi-Tool. Simply roll the modelling material against the appropriate shape and size as indicated on the tool. Couldn't be simpler!

The instructions include directions on how to soften photo-etched parts in preparation for rolling.





Mission Models' Multi-Tool means that I won't have to use paint brush handles for rolling soft metal and photo-etched parts any more!

The Multi-Tool will be very helpful to modellers who are looking for an easy, measurable, precise and repeatable method of rolling photo-etched part and miscellaneous soft metal.


Thanks to Jon Tamkin from Mission Models  the preview image and information

Etch Mate is available from Mission Models Website

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